Accept Internet Payments

Accepting payments online via credit card and checks is one of our specialties. Velotran has developed a proprietary leading payment gateway that is super secure and reliable, with market leading pricing and connectivity to banks in the US and internationally.

Access our internet payments system and you can benefit from:

  • Easy Integration
    Fast and easy integration options
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    Wide acceptance of all major credit cards and electronic checks. By accepting more forms of payments you can earn on average 20% more than other online payment systems that just accept primary credit cards online.
  • Fraud Protection
    Leading fraud protection systems to protect your business
  • Highest Security
    Gain peace of mind knowing you are connected to a gateway that is certified as having the highest level of security (PCI DSS Level 1 Certified)
    Benefit from a detailed report advising you of how you can improve your website to increase sales. We want to help your business succeed online.
    Benefit from a free submission of your site into multiple online search engines and directories.
  • Fast Settlement
    Online payments will hit your account within days of being processed
  • Virtual Terminal
    Free virtual terminal for mail, fax and telephone orders

The Velotran Difference

With our unique meet or beat policy, we are extremely confident we can deliver to you lower rates and superior customer support.

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  • Merchant Services
    • Credit card merchant accounts
    • ACH (eCheck) merchant accounts
    • E-commerce internet payments
    • Credit card & POS equipment
    • Highly secure gateway system/s
    • Fraud and data management systems
    • Chargeback reduction consulting
    • Virtual terminal solution
  • Referral/Agent ISO Programs
    • Generous profit split
    • Lifetime residuals
    • Easy account conversions
    • Very competitive rates
    • Real time account tracking
    • Sales & marketing support
    • Fast application turn around
    • Private label systems