Check and Credit Card Equipment

Velotran can supply your business with the best equipment at the lowest prices. From PIN Pads, to check readers, software, printers and general supplies - we can supply everything your business needs to efficiently and cost effectively accept all types of payments.

Once you tell one of our merchant service consultants your business type and setup, they will provide you with full support in choosing and setting up the correct equipment. If you already know what you want or need, we can quickly have it supplied and where needed installed. If you are on a tight budget we can also recommend refurbished equipment at super low prices or set you up on a lease plan.

Just some of the top selling equipment we have to offer:

  1. VX670 GPRS
  2. Pinpad 1000/ SE-180
  3. VX570- 6mg DUAL W/SC
  4. VX570-00002 DIAL
  5. VX510 LE
  6. VX510 GPRS
  7. VX510
  8. VX510 DUAL–12
  9. VX510 DUAL–6
  10. VX610 GPRS-36
  11. VX610 CDMA
  1. T7 PLUS
  2. Pinpad 1300 / P1310-V
  3. T4210 Dial
  4. T4220 Dual
  5. PINPAD S9-003R
  6. T4205 Dial
  7. Dial Base
  1. Nurit 2085
  2. Nurit 8400
  3. Nurit 8400 Lite
  4. Nurit 8020 GPRS-BLU M50
  1. AQUA
  2. I 5100 Dual Com
  3. I 6580 Multi-Lane
  4. PP i3010 Pinpad
  1. Centurion USB Reader
  2. Magtek USB Card Reader

User Friendly Solutions & Security Standards

Your business will benefit when using Velotran's user friendly solutions.

All of our solutions pass industry security standards.

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  • Merchant Services
    • Credit card merchant accounts
    • ACH (eCheck) merchant accounts
    • E-commerce internet payments
    • Credit card & POS equipment
    • Highly secure gateway system/s
    • Fraud and data management systems
    • Chargeback reduction consulting
    • Virtual terminal solution
  • Referral/Agent ISO Programs
    • Generous profit split
    • Lifetime residuals
    • Easy account conversions
    • Very competitive rates
    • Real time account tracking
    • Sales & marketing support
    • Fast application turn around
    • Private label systems