ACH Payment Processing, EFT and
E-Check Payments

With Velotran as your payments partner, your business can accept and process check payments via the Internet, Virtual Terminal, POS, phone or mobile terminal. We have a proprietary developed leading check processing platform integrated with multiple US Financial Institutions.

Many companies use our services to not just bill their customers, they also disburse payroll and staff commissions through ACH. ACH Payment simplifies your customer’s life and takes the hassle out of making or receiving payments. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. The very large ACH network handles large amounts of electronic fund transfers, with more than 40% of all U.S. households paying for at least one recurring payment each month by ACH.

You can benefit from:
  • Lower processing and payment related costs
  • Easy to setup and manage recurring billing
  • Real time payment verification
  • Fast and easy debiting and or crediting of customers checking accounts
  • Increased revenues (our clients say an average of 20%)
  • Innovative fraud protection systems

A Growing Market

ACH is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative payment method for online credit card purchases.

Let Velotran increase your profits by offering ACH as a payment method to your customers.

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  • Merchant Services
    • Credit card merchant accounts
    • ACH (eCheck) merchant accounts
    • E-commerce internet payments
    • Credit card & POS equipment
    • Highly secure gateway system/s
    • Fraud and data management systems
    • Chargeback reduction consulting
    • Virtual terminal solution
  • Referral/Agent ISO Programs
    • Generous profit split
    • Lifetime residuals
    • Easy account conversions
    • Very competitive rates
    • Real time account tracking
    • Sales & marketing support
    • Fast application turn around
    • Private label systems